At Home self-development fitness program

Grow to be your best self by utilizing SHT’s paradigm shift tools of fitness, nutrition, and reflection.


Eat to Live.


A step-by-step 6-week guide that takes you from being a confused shopper in the grocery store to a master at creating whole food meals in your kitchen.

Make eating a healthy diet Sustainable and Simple.


It’s the hard SHT that makes you strong.

Hard life experiences and workouts make you strong.

We’ve designed this program for strong humans who want to achieve their goals without the bullSHT ego, overly complicated workouts, and vanity-centric attitude that just stroke fragile egos.

Our weight training and nutrition coaching program will get you the results you’re after while strengthening your body and mind so you can overcome all the hard SHT life throws at you.

Leave regret behind.

It’s time to step into a new season, where you get strong and stay strong.

As you build your physical and mental strength through our program, you’ll grow your dedication, commitment, and resilience to overcome, so you’ll be ready when SHT does hit the fan (’cuz it always does).

Remember: Hard SHT doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger, tougher, and more capable.

We aren’t going to lie to you — this program is hard.

If you’re ready to…

Then this program is for you.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade, so we know what works and what doesn’t — which is why we don’t sugarcoat the fact that change takes effort and change is hard.

After coaching thousands of clients, we’ve found that the only ingredient to being successful is simply consistency.

That’s why we provide:

The time is now.


Select your membership level.

Start wherever you want. All that matters is that you START.


Follow your simple plan.

Everything is clearly laid out for you, so get that SHT done.


Achieve the strongest version of yourself.

Get strong, stay strong, and be the strong human you’re meant to be.
Strong Human Training (SHT) took a different approach and introduced me to basic workouts that were simple and easy to follow. I could not go wrong. At first, I SUCKED! As simple as the movements are, the workouts are not easy. But, with the coach's guidance and support, I made sure that in those 20 minutes, I challenged and pushed myself. I saw a difference in my energy levels within the first week. I had more to offer, and my body looks the part; the RESULTS ARE REAL... I LOVE IT!
Leopold Burgos
SHT training has been a game changer as my fast paced life has continued to evolve. I have a lot of moving parts between my business and family and needed something that was easy to follow and provided maximum efficiency as far as time and effort. The SHT training community holds me accountable through the app and gives me a great workout that doesn't require a 2 hour commitment. I am able to stay consistent with my training and not feel like I am sacrificing other areas of my life.
Brennan Drew

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Eat to LIVE Course

A step-by-step 6-week guide that takes you from being a confused shopper in the grocery store to a master at creating whole food meals in your kitchen. 

Make eating a healthy diet Sustainable and Simple.