3 SHT simple ways to get your SHT together and GROW

While yes we are everything fitness and nutrition .. being a Strong Human and living the SHT lifestyle is something that is oh so much more…

I think somewhere in our adult life we stop focusing on the desire to GROW. We finish high school to go to college, we go to college and to get that career..have babies, white picket fence all that SHT … but somewhere along the line it is common in one area or stage of your life you got stuck…

Not on purpose , not because we just said f*ck it I’m happy here and here is where I stay but because somewhere along the path we stopped growing…

If I were to give a crash course guide to GROWTH… what would it be?

3 SHT simple ways to get your SHT together and GROW!

If you train we me personally I give you tips and tricks I carry in my own personal tackle box.

Know that I am always adding to my tackle box new things and or ideas I have picked up along my journey and my tackle box changes with the times as I am not the same women I was last year, last week and or even yesterday. GROWTH IS THE NAME OF THE GAME

Here is what Im currently packin to keep reeling in those big fish…


I have trained different intensities throughout my journey and at this stage in my life I have found a happy medium where I train to LIVE. I do functional movements that help strengthen my body to have the ABILITY to push, pull, squat, press, in my every day activities.

From pushing the grocery cart at the store, to picking up my sleepy babies, helping my grandmother move furniture etc. All are all great reasons too physically train.

But most importantly I train so when I am in my later years I am living them comfortably… I can walk to the bathroom without being short of breath, I can sit up and sit down with ease, I am in no pain…

2. Make a PLAN for f*cks sake… If you’re not planning you’re success, then failure should not come as a surprise. Make a plan because life is hard and derailing from the plan will ALWAYS happen… but when a plan is in place we know the next steps to get back on track. I highly believe in the power of pen to paper and enjoy using a good ol fashion planner and journal.

I have developed a system .. and my system has become a HABIT.

First things first… get a planner! I am a huge fan of this particular one for many reasons. See link below.


STEP BY STEP PLANNING and how I use the above planner.

Step one : input all of my life Todos… Write out all the things that are a “must do”. Take kids to sports, go to work, doctors appointments etc.

Step two: Now that you input all your to-dos, map out your training time. Training time is anything that you do to make yourself GROW. SHT training for me is:

  1. physical training
  2. stretching / mobility work
  3. self care.. baths, meditation, skin care routine,
  4. BOOKS read them, listen to them… however you get the content in just do it! ( see my list of reading material for inspo) my-all-time-favorite-books/
  5. Food prep / grocery shopping


Step three: Pay attention to the planner! Check in every morning and review the plan for the day… The front of this specific planner I notated above also includes a place for 3 month / I year goals, as well as finance tracking and more… I read in one of my current favorite reads

We should all be millionaires 

“what gets measured gets managed” – Rachel Rodgers


… Pay attention to your goals and check in often!



Your brain needs to DO WORK. Without conscious effort our brain can get “out of shape” just like our body. 

We have the ability to learn anything we want to and we have a thousand resources at our fingertips. From libraries, internet, online classes, good old fashion books and more…

The world is our oyster and what we get out of this life is ours to choose. My tackle box is full of concepts, tools and tricks I have picked up along my journey of seeking out knowledge.

I read somewhere that:

If knowledge is power, then curiosity is muscle. – Danielle LaPorte

These concepts serve as a guide to stop living habitually and to start living INTENTIONALLY.

Now get to WORK 😉


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