5.16.22 SUMMER SWEAT- Coach Jaymi

Are you sweating about putting on that summer bikini? Are you worried that all winter long you hibernated and now the sun is out and you’re not quite sure you’re ready to get out there in your summer best and celebrate?

It becomes a problem when all our fitness and nutrition goals are vanity centric goals that leaves us spinning in an everlasting circle of yo- yo dieting, excessive working out or just throwing in the towel and not doing anything at all.

I ask that instead of going into the summer worried about bikinis and 6 pack abs… what if you went into this summer wanting to SWEAT!

What if we focused on our ABILITY to play ball in the streets, to throw our kids around in the pool, to run with our dogs, or go on that company hike.

What if we stopped weighing ourselves and validating our fitness journey based off a number on the scale and instead checked in with how many times we stuck to our goals, tried new things, opened up a damn book…

What if we went into this summer STRONG? The natural byproduct of hard work is confidence…

Confidence in ourself to have the courage to say, “I can care less about the number on the scale.. I TRAIN FOR A QUALITY OF LIFE THAT MAKES MY LIFE WORTH LIVING…”

-Coach J