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Most fitness programs want to give you the fish. We want to teach you to fish.
Have you ever gotten great results with a personal trainer, just to fall off after you stopped working with them? Have you ever moved far from your regular gym, just to struggle to get back into shape because you can’t find another gym like it?

Most people fail to keep the results they have gained because they have unconsciously developed a reliance on the trainer, or gym.  Let’s break the cycle by taking your own life by the horns. You don’t need a personal trainer. You don’t need a fancy gym. You don’t need a community to push you. 

You can push yourself. You can hold yourself accountable. You can get in the shape you have always wanted with minimal equipment at home.

We are Onboarding Fitness Coaches. It is our objective to get you on track and develop the tools necessary to stay on track. For 3 months, we work with you to establish the habits and routines that work within your life, to make a healthy lifestyle simple.

At home training & nutrition program, without the bullsh*t

No overly complicated workouts, or vanity centric BS that just strokes fragile egos. This program is for Strong Humans — individuals who view hard work as an opportunity to grow; and failure as just another stepping stone on the path to success.

This program is hard; but if you’re ready to empower your body to be capable of anything you desire; to wake with purpose, direction, and unyielding determination; then this program is for you.

Each training session is complete with video tutorial and handwritten steps for every day of the year.

Crafted by Coach Johnny, who is a real person and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

SHT is based in Las Vegas and now available worldwide through our online platform.

"I am 5 days in to my SHT program and feeling AWESOME! I took 2 days off to recover and I could feel it in all my muscles, but in the best way possible! I have been able to do these workouts in less than 15 minutes, at home, with my little munchkins running and screaming all around me! If this sounds like something you need in your life, check out their program. Seriously though... do it!"
"If you have been following my stories lately, you're seeing the kind of meal plans that were custom designed just for me with this nutrition program. Four weeks in and I feel amazing, and down 9lbs, have never once felt hungry, enjoyed dessert every night and I have been having so much fun with my inner chef on prep day! Jaymi is an incredible coach and has a crazy infectious energy that keeps you excited and engaged. Much love to her for going on this journey with me!"

Test it out.

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