“I don’t have time!”

Most people feel overwhelmed just thinking about trying to fit in a workout in their day. We have kids to take care of, bosses to keep happy, and laundry waiting to get clean. The last thing you want to hear is a lecture how you’re not doing enough.

The good news is fitting in a workout is less time than most people think.

All you need is 60 minutes per week.

That is 3-20 minute workouts. Yes, you could do 4-15 minute workouts, or even 6-10 minute workouts; but 3 really is the magic number.

The key to success is consistency. 

Most people will stay consistent with the schedule of 3 days per week. 1 day per week is not frequent enough, and 6 days per week is so often that most people fail to find the time get it done almost every day of the week. The truth is, there are only 3 guarantees in life; death, taxes, and shit always popping up to stop you from working out.

There are 6,720 waking minutes in the week. And all you need to make sure you are healthy enough to take care of those kids, the energy to make that boss happy, and the fortitude to get those clothes clean, is

60 minutes for yourself.

This Week’s Reflection: “I get to.”

Instead of saying, “I have to find time to workout”, start saying, “I get to make time to workout.” The truth is, most of us are of the small minority of the world that has the financial ability, physical ability, and yes time, to exercise as a luxurious recreation.

Much of what is hard in life is a feeling and a perception. It takes strength to recalibrate our mind to what is really hard in life.

There are not a million obstacles, there are only obstacles that we believe exist. You can do it.

– Coach John