What is SHT?

As I was sitting in the E.R. with my wife, I realized,  I was killing myself to “look better naked.”

It was hard to swallow. For too long I had been lying to myself that all my clean eating and countless hours in the gym were in the vain of being the “best version of myself.” I was meticulous with tracking my macros, micros, calories, and the like. I would workout 7 days a week, and often twice a day. Even as I laid in that hospital bed with Stage 4 renal failure, I still defended my actions. It’s fair to say I was obsessed.

The funny thing is, I’m not sure what I thought I was going to win? I was 6’, 210 lbs, and 5% bodyfat. My tireless efforts to look strong was desperately covering up a scared and insecure boy that believed the more perfect he built his body to be, the happier he would be.

I believe it is a silent epidemic that people are killing themselves to fulfill some ideal that will bring them happiness. It could be the collegiate athlete that believes “if only I go pro, then life will be good”; or the corporate executive that believes “if only I can move up to the top, then life will be good.”

Most people start their fitness journey attempting to solve some insecurity, but even those who “fix” their “problem areas”, still find themselves wondering “why am I still not as happy as I thought I would be?” 

Strong Human Training is a self-development fitness program. The secret sauce in the self-reflection component of our training. Every training day is complete with a daily self-reflection. The question may, or may not, be pertinent to your daily life; but more importantly, the practice of self-reflection will set your daily life to be more intentional. 

We get stuck in a rut because we allow unintentional habits creep up on us. We want you to take life by the horns to run the path that you want, so that you can look back and say “life wasn’t perfect, but it was mine.”

– Coach John